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Adama was established in 2000 when Liat Dror and Nir Ben Gal moved their activities from the center of Israel (Tel Aviv) to Mitzpe Ramon.

From a world view that art is not only dedicated the people of the center. To find out what art is, how it’s connected and how you can build an independent center in the heart of the desert without reliance on the demographic or the social location.

The chosen location was a deserted industrial hangar that slowly and gradually turned into an enchanted palace of dance and harmony, surrounded by greenery. It became a home base of the Liat Dror NirBen Gal Dance Company, a Dance Art Healing Center. Currently the dance company consists of 5 dancers. Next to the Dance Company there is a Dance School operating four days a week, attracting people from all over the world in order to learn Movement and Dance, Breathing Technique and Art.

Throughout the week we host various
groups for whom we build appropriate activities.

The skills acquired here at Adama is the recognition of the natural movement of each one of us, dancer or not and the understanding of the strength and the intensity of the body, physical and emotional. Development of the ability to express yourself in a non-verbal manner will open a completely different way of quieting the mind.

Therefore, the groups that come here are very diverse, all from arty culture lovers to employers at high-tech are coming to a place that enables complete freedom to deep learning. Three times a year Hangar Adama is opening it's doors completely; organizing festivals that mirrors their continuous activity only in a very big scale.
A space is created for free movement and everyone can find his own way to experience it - as a participant or a spectator.

Everyone can find their match in a broad spectrum of classes. 

The silence and serenity of the desert, the space, the movement and simply being, creates magic and allows us to celebrate and dance and bring more joy to our lives.


The choreographer duo Liat Dror and Nir Ben Gal moved their activity from Tel Aviv to Mitzpe Ramon in the belief that this will create a connection between the therapy of dance and the wilderness. In the spacey quietness they found their way of dancing, managing, teaching, creating and listening to your body.


Their road together began with the work “Two room apartment” which game them the “Shades of Dance” price in 1987. Later on they received several international awards. One of those was the French “Bianola”. Other productions that also received a lot of attention were “Inta Omri” and “Dance of Nothing”.




The Adama Dance School

The school emphasizes the difference between qualities and the understanding that they are one of the same circle. Some classes focus on creating the heavens and expanding the boundaries and freedom of natural movement in all of us. Other lessons are dealing with preciseness, unity, learning balance and boundary. There are lessons that teach the cyclic degradation of nature, when one of the main ways is to understand the weight, how we get it between us and ourselves and connection to the other.
Parallel there are lessons aimed at building and creating, as the nature of our construction is created from scratch, to feelings, emotions, experiences and desires to be solid in the construction.
 A major theme is breathing and how we build the strength and resilience of the body. Learning that comes from different directions, whether through relaxation classes that teaches the body to reach deep breathing without grasping, sitting meditation and quieting of the mind.
These exercises are helping us to learn about our inside breathing and its acceleration so we can recognize the movements and changes.

Other examples of classes that are held is yoga that we all know strengthens the sense of movement, growth and stability and aerial acrobatics that enables us to move without touching land and teaches us to stabilize ourselves in constant motion which introduces our bodies to a physical external dimension. Practically there is a lot of dancing taking place, enabling us to move freely both emotionally and physically. We are challenging ourselves with stability and loss of control. Trust and love of the space. Every day is a new challenge.



How to get to Adama

The easiest way to get here is to take the train from Tel Aviv till Beersheba. Then across the street you have the central bus station. You take the bus number 60 (Metropolin) till Mitzpe Ramon. Almost every hour you have a bus.

It's a 1H 30 trip and the sight is beautiful. Ask the driver to get off at the first stop in Mitzpe Ramon, after you get off take the first turn to the left

( you will see our yard on your right)

and then the first turn to the right. That's it!!


With a car drive on road 40. The first entrance to Mitzpe Ramon

is on your right. There's a big sign "Spice Routes Quarter", turn right.

Then the second turn left and the first right to the parking area 



For information call: +972-8-6595190


You Can Contact Us At: 08-6595190
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